Zomlings Ghost Train Foil Packs

Product Description

Zomlings “In The Town” Series 3 Ghost Train Foil Packs from Whatnot Toys are the perfect way to get your Zomlings “In The Town” collection started or to add to an existing collection. Besides having a cool new Zomling to collect, these small, plastic, rolling Ghost Trains are a fun way to move your Zomlings around their town.

Sometimes you’ll get a locomotive with your Zomling and sometimes it will be a wagon car and you might even find one of the rare gold locomotives. They all hook together into a train that you will grow as your collection expands.

The Zomlings are creepy little collectible creatures from Whatnot Toys. Although you never know which Zomling will be inside when you open up our blind bags, there are over 100 Zomlings characters in series 3 so chances are you are going to get someone new for your collection. Even if you don’t you will be able to trade the extras with your friends.

Zomlings “In The Town” Series 3 Ghost Train Foil Packs are available online, at specialty toy stores and at selected mass retailers. Use our map feature to find the nearest store that carries Zomlings!

For ages 3 and older.

1 Zomling Figure
1 Zomling Ghost Train or Ghost Wagon
1 Zomling Mini-Brochure

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