Zomlings Pirate Blister Set

Product Description

The Zomlings “In The Town” Pirate Blister Set expands the realm of the Zomlings onto the high seas and into a new world of adventure.

This new set from Whatnot Toys features 3 new and exclusive Zomlings that cannot be found in any other set or in blind bags. These characters come with all of the accessories they need to set off on pirate’s quest for undead glory. The accessories include a pirate ship, a treasure chest and golden pirate’s loot, a cannon and a treasure map that will guide the Zomlings in their quest for riches.

This exclusive set is something that all dedicated “Zomlings In the Town” collectors need to have and it also makes a very special gift.

Zomlings “In The Town” Pirate Blister Sets are available online, at specialty toy stores and at selected mass retailers. Use our map feature to find the nearest store that carries Zomlings!

For ages 3 and older.

3 Special Zomling Figures
1 Zomlings Pirate Ship
1 Zomlings Treasure Chest
Golden Pirates Loot
1 Cannon
1 Treasure Map

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