4 Zomlings House Pack

Product Description

The Zomlings 4 Zomling Series 1 House Pack is for collectors who want to more rapidly build their Zomlings character collections and town layouts at the same time. This special pack includes 4 Zomling characters, 3 towers for stacking and a special house. It is a great way to start your collection or to build out a collection that is already underway.

4 Zomlings Series 1 House Packs are available online, at specialty toy stores and at selected mass retailers. Use our map feature to find the nearest store that carries Zomlings!

For ages 3 and older.


  • 3 Regular Zomlings
  • 1 Silver Zomling
  • 1 Zomlings House (6 Different colors to collect)
  • 3 Zomlings Towers  (6 different colors to collect)



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