Filly Royale Birthday Party Park

Product Description

Follow the Filly Rainbow and you will find the most amazing magical Filly World called Royalia. Here live the Filly Royale with beautiful tails in all colors that you can imagine and they live in families which have their own color of crowns with magical crystals.

Each Filly’s crown has a different inset crystal from Swarovski, the world famous Austrian crystal maker. Fillies have long, beautiful and colorful tails that can be twisted and styled and special hair clips attach to their tails for extra accessorizing. And every Filly has a special tattoo on its leg!

The new Filly Royale Birthday Party Park Set from Whatnot Toys is the perfect way let your Fillies celebrate their favorite social events of the year – birthday parties! This Birthday Party Set comes with 3 very special Filly Royale Fillies and a range of plastic accessories to make an extra fun birthday for a special Filly.

Along with the 3 Fillies the set includes a unique, 2-tiered play set for the Fillies, a teeter-totter, 6 hair clips, styling accessories and a birthday present and hat.

Filly Royale products are available online, at specialty toy stores and at selected mass retailers. Use our map feature to find the nearest store that carries Filly Royale from Whatnot Toys!

For ages 3 and older.

3 Filly Royale Figurines
Tiered Playset
2 Combs
2 Mirrors
6 Hair Clips
Present and birthday hat


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