About Us

WhatNot Toys is the greatest new toy company to hit planet Earth!
Founded by Bob Grey and other toy industry luminaries, WhatNot’s mission is to search the globe to find the best new toys and collectibles and share them with kids of all ages in North America and beyond.

The first to hit shelves will be the creepy Zomlings and the adorable members of the Kitty Club.

Be sure to check back regularly to see what we’re up to next!

The Whatnot Team

The Whatnot Team is made of toy industry executives who are distinguished and well known in their areas of expertise. Their combined talents are what gives Whatnot Toys its unique opportunity for rapid growth and market success.

 David Brewi – Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Brewi is one of the two Co-Founders of Whatnot Toys and its  someone who has had a huge influence on the development and success of some of the biggest toy brands ever to hit the market.

Many toy industry professionals will know Dave from his days as Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager at Toys “R” Us. Dave had enormous influence in this role at the world’s most important toy retailer and he proved uniquely adept at identifying winning toys in every category.

During his 20 years at Toys R Us Brewi was responsible for 20 different categories of product at that retailer. This included all the seasonal categories (Easter, Pools and Summer Toys, Back to School, Halloween and Trim-A-Tree), All of the Plush categories to include Licensed Plush (Care Bears, Popples, Pound Puppies), Electronic Plush (Teddy Ruxpin, Talking Big Bird etc.) and Generic Plush (Dave created the 1st private label program called Soft Classics). In addition, Dave was also responsible for Girls Lifestyle Toys to include promoted brands like Get in Shape Girl from Hasbro and Sweet Secrets from Galoob.

Dave is most noted for his management of the various Boy’s categories. Action figures at the height of their volume did more than $600.000,000 at Toys R Us and included brands like GI Joe, Transformers, He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Ghostbuster’s, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers!

Two of Dave’s most notable finds were Teenage Mutant Turtles and Power Rangers and, thanks to Dave, these became multi-billion dollar brands that have endured and grown over time. Dave didn’t invent these brands but he was the buyer who was willing to take the chance and launch them at Toys “R” Us when no one else saw their true potential.

Under his careful guidance and expertise in effective merchandising, Dave introduced these lines to the world (as well as additional brands too numerous to mention) and nurtured them into the huge brands that they became and, in some cases, still are today.

These are not Dave’s only successes. He was responsible for Diecast vehicles with brands like Hot Wheels, Micro Machines, Matchbox, NASCAR, Johnny Lightning, 1/18 scale collectors diecast. He managed the 1/18th diecast business up from a category that sold a total of 20,000 units per year to one that sold 450,000 units! Dave was the driving force behind the meteoric rise of the Radio Control business at Toys R Us with huge winners like Ricochet, Rebound, Triple Wheels and a host of additional Tyco products. Brewi was able throughout the years to have a similar impact on other categories like Trucks (Funrise) Trains and Road Race, Model Kits and Water Guns (Super Soakers) and Guns (Nerf). Dave truly has unique vision when it comes to picking toys that will resonate with consumers and he is now bringing that expertise to Whatnot Toys. He knows how to pick the winners and how to maximize their sales potential!

Dave’s value to Whatnot Toys is not confined to his uncanny ability to pick winning toys. He is also a seasoned, enthusiastic and cost-conscious executive who revels in the process of building companies and managing the teams that make them successful. He possessed outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and encourages his teams to adopt the same fast pace and focus on achievement that he demands of himself.

The following is an overview of the positions that Dave held after Toys “R” Us and prior to co-founding Whatnot Toys:

►            President – XQ Toys USA (2012-2015)
►            VP Sales, National Accounts – Reeves International (2008-2012)
►            Senior Vice President Marketing – Zizzle, LLC (2003-2008)
►            SVP Marketing and Product Development – Irwin Toys (2000-2003)

While at Irwin, Dave streamlined the Dragon Ball Z brand into a perennial $40-$50 million revenue generator

Bob Grey – Co-Founder & COO

Bob Grey is Whatnot Toy’s other Co-Founder and is the Chief Operating Officer. Bob has extensive experience in the toy industry and is a highly-respected veteran.

Bob brings over 50 years of professional experience in all aspects of the toy and hobby industry, both nationally and internationally, and the list of companies he has been involved with reads like a veritable who’s who of the toy industry.

Bob’s corporate experience has given him deep expertise in product development, marketing, sales, factory management, logistics and finance. These skills are indispensable to Whatnot Toys as it grows into a mature company. Furthermore, Bob’s positions as a senior executive at some of the most important toy companies has given him the experience that will allow Whatnot itself to be propelled into the ranks of the world’s most important toy companies.

A formative role in Bob’s career was his position as Executive Vice President of Sales at Tyco Toys from 1989 until 1997, when the company, which grew to be the 3rd largest toy company in the US, was acquired by Mattel Toys.

Bob was responsible for all of Tyco’s sales to Toys “R” Us and regional chains. The brands that Bob was selling included Matchbox, Fisher-Price (including the famous Tickle Me Elmo product), Tyco Radio Control and Tyco Electric Racing.

Toys “R” Us was Tyco’s single most important retail relationship and Bob was able to grow the sales of Tyco’s product through the retailer by over 300% in just 6 years. Bob’s extraordinary sales efforts had a huge impact on the valuation of Tyco Toys when it was eventually sold to Mattel.

Prior to founding Whatnot Toys, Bob spent several years consulting with other toy companies who needed the type of senior know-how that Bob possesses. One of his specialties was to familiarize foreign toy makers on how to effectively bring their products into the U.S., how to market and package them and to introduce them to inventors and U.S. manufacturers. Bob also educated these clients on the deep intricacies involved with toy branding, evaluating POS data, and the creation of more effective sales teams.

The following is an overview of the positions that Bob held prior to co-founding Whatnot Toys:

►            COO, Senior Vice President – Nikko America
Senior Vice President – Master Replicas
►            Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing – Corgi International
►            Senior Vice President Sales – Wham-O Toys
►            Vice President – Small World toys

At Small World Toys, Bob developed their proprietary product lines, produced in the Orient, to the point it reached $40 million with 10,000 accounts. Some of these products are still for sale including their wooden puzzle line and suitcase science kits. Bob also pioneered new ways of stamping out wooden character puzzles using advanced cutting techniques which are still used today.